New: Agrónic 7000 available in Agrónic Web

Agrónic Web

New: Agrónic 7000 available in Agrónic Web

Now you can control the Agrónic 7000 remotely, with the Agrónic Web management tool. Accessible from any computer or tablet. 


Features of the Agrónic 7000 with the Agrónic Web:

•    Consult, edit and configure the controllers's features.
•    Analyze the data obtained from the installation.
•    Supervise the injection of fertilizers in an easier way.
•    Check the status of tray irrigation on a single screen.
•    Visualize the consultation of sensors using graphs or maps.
•    Manage the installation through different users, with the creation of sub-users.
And much more...


Do you want to know more about the Agrónic Web?

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 There’s no additional cost if you already use the Agrónic APP  

The controllers registered for the Agrónic APP, can be managed with the Agrónic Web without any additional cost.
Just go to and enter the Agrónic APP credentials, -it's that easy!

Go to Agrónic Web 


Are you still not working with the Agrónic APP?
Download the steps to follow for using the Agrónic APP and Agrónic Web.



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