Agrónic Monocable


Agrónic Monocable

The Agrónic Monocable is a telecontrol system

for solenoid activation and counter reading

and remote sensors via a single two-wire cable.


The system is based on an Agrónic Monocable Link (EAM) to which up to 120 modules of any of the possible models can be connected up to distances of 10 km. This link can be integrated to Agrónic Net, Agrónic 7000 and Agrónic 4000 controller, besides being able to be integrated in other control controller by working with the Modbus protocol.

The Agrónic Monocable Modules (MAM) have, among their features, a great protection against storms and overvoltages that allows the system to offer ample guarantees of operation.

It is a very fast system in communication, since in less than 2 minutes we have the information of all the modules in the central station (when we have 120 MAM per EAM). All inputs and outputs are configurable, so we can connect from a valve to a filter, fertilizer, etc.. In addition, for a correct and comfortable installation, it has gel-filled connectors for a watertight connection, and a reader to facilitate the configuration and manual verification.



Suitable for outdoor use, there are 8 models:

  • MAM1-20:

            1 2-wire latch solenoid

            2 digital inputs / counters


  • MAM2-00:

            2 x 2-wire or 1 x 3-wire latch solenoids

  • MAM3-20:

            3 x 2-wire or 1 x 3-wire latch solenoids

            2 digital inputs / counters


  • MAM3-30 (NEW):

            2 x 2-wire or 1 x 3-wire latch solenoids

            3 digital inputs / counters


  • MAM2-22 (NEW):

            2 x 2-wire or 1 x 3-wire latch solenoids

            2 digital inputs / counters

            2 analog inputs 4-20 mA


  • MAM5-72 (NEW):

            5 x 2-wire or 2 x 3-wire latch solenoids

            7 digital inputs (5 can be meters)

            2 analog inputs 4-20 mA


  • MAM8-102 (NEW):

            8 x 2-wire or 4 x 3-wire latch solenoids

            10 digital inputs (8 can be meters)

            2 analog inputs 4-20 mA


  • MAM1-20R:

            1 relay output (24 v)

            2 digital inputs / counters


The Agrónic Monocable complies with the CE marking directives.

The products manufactured by Progrés enjoy a guarantee of two years against any manufacturing defect.

Compensation for direct and indirect damage caused by the use of the controller is excluded from the guarantee.

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