Agrónic 54

Agrónic 54

Controller that regulates the electrical conductivity (EC) of the irrigation water,

by means of the injection of 2 possible fertilizers, as well as the pH of the same one,

through the injection of acid or base.



Agrónic 54 has 3 programs that are initiated by external orders received by the corresponding inputs, so this controller does not sectorize the irrigation by itself.

There are 2 versions, depending on how the dosage has to be carried out: one with "pulsed injection", which acts on solenoids (through the venturi system), and another with "analog injection", which acts on frequency variators.

In the " pulsed " version, in order to maintain the EC, what the controller does is apply every few seconds a dose of each fertilizer, which is related to the desired proportion between fertilizers and the programmed reference. In order to maintain the pH it acts in a similar way.

In the "analog" version, in order to maintain the EC and/or the pH, what the controller does is to vary the injection speed of the engines until the programmed references are obtained.

In the version with pulsed injection, there are outputs for 2 fertilizers and 1 acid or base.

In the version with analogue injection (0-10 Vdc), there is one outlet for a single fertilizer and another for the acid or base.

In both versions there is also a general output and another one for alarm and/or agitator.

Power supply of the controller at 24 Vac. Optionally at 12 Vdc.

Outputs at 24 Vac in version with pulsed injection, and 0-10 Vdc in version with analog injection.

It has 3 inputs to start fertilization programs and 1 input to detect faults.

There is also 1 input for the conductivity sensor and 1 for the pH sensor, with transmitter integrated in the controller circuitry.

The calibration of the sensors is done by keyboard.

Possibility of programming three different crops. Each of the three programs is given the EC reference, the pH reference and the proportion between the two fertilizers to be applied (this in the version with pulsed injection).

Independent alarms for EC and pH, allowing you to configure the high, low and delay value in the detection of the irregularity.

Programmable start and stop times for pre-agitation, agitation and alarm.

Configurable delay for detection of start and fault inputs.


Controller housed in a watertight polycarbonate box.


Easy use and programming by means of three keys.


Liquid crystal display with digits 13 millimeters high.



Option to supply 12 Vdc.


The Agrónic 54 complies with the CE marking directives.

The products manufactured by Progrés enjoy a guarantee of two years against any manufacturing defect.

Compensation for direct and indirect damage caused by the use of the controller is excluded from the guarantee.

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