Agrónic Net II

Agrónic Net II

Systems and controllers for telecontrol and remote

management of irrigation communities and large farms,

with communication between central and field units

through monocable system, radio controllers and GPRS.  

For large communities with no limit of users



comunidad de regantes

Developed around a powerful database, the Agrónic Net II system allows the use of more than one communication front to obtain information from all installed concentrators. This information, along with the specifications made by the user, is processed by a single control program that determines the status of all elements of the community. The system also consists of a complete and dynamic management program, in Windows support, that allows the interaction of the user with all the elements of the community, being able to install this program in more than one computer with the only requirement that it has access to the database of the system.

The Agrónic Net II concentrators are accessed from the communications fronts, allowing access to hydrants and counters, either directly or through access to the modular remote terminals. The system can work simultaneously from the same concentrator both with radio terminals (2.4 GHz and 868 MHz communication frequency) and with cable terminals and, soon, with direct communication with GPRS modules without concentrators.

The Agrónic Net II system consists of:


Agrónic Net II with cabinet +
Agrónic Radio Link option
or Single-Wire Link

Agrónic Net

Agrónic Net II / PC

External module

Agrónic Radio (EAR) or
Agrónic Monocable (EAM).

Agrónic Net II Concentrator These are the characteristics of the concentrator


Possibility of managing more than one community of irrigators from a single program, restricting access to data through a system of privileges with the possibility of defining more than one front of communications from different points.

Optimize available water resources, making irrigation scheduling more efficient and offering users the necessary shift for their crops.

Determine the status of the different irrigation valves at any given time, as well as the volume of water consumed instantly.

Monitor the water status of the crop using sensors.

Ordenes manuales


To control from the mobile phone the programming of the irrigation, as well as to receive any warning of incidence.

Management and consultation of data from Internet according to access code

Lectura acumulados


Recording of data as

accumulated, measures and information for their treatment through the PC program.

Agrónic Net II / PC Program

The management program Agrónic Net II allows an integral management and offers the complete monitoring of all the elements connected to the system.

It consists of three applications:
Control program: Responsible for reacting and responding to the information received from the different elements of the irrigation system as well as the requests and programming made by the users, providing the hydraulic network with the state in which each of its elements should be.
Program of communications: Responsible for carrying out communication with the installed Agrónic Net II concentrators, obtaining the information collected by each of them so that it can be processed by the control program and sending the information belonging to each concentrator as indicated by the control program. The module is versatile and open, so that it is not limited to communication only with Agrónic Net II concentrators or GPRS modules, but also allows the inclusion of other controllers, such as Agrónic 2000 GPRS, or even other PCs.
Management program: Responsible for the interface between the remote management system and the users. Performs all the management of the hydraulic network, from programming, queries, registers and the entire graphical environment. It allows the use of more than one of these programs, provided that they are installed in different computers and that the computers where they are installed have access to the database of the remote management system.

The main features of the programme are:

Manage unlimited controllers

Possibility of managing an unlimited number of Agrónic Net II concentrators, integrating them all as if they were one of only one

Different controllers

Possibility of managing other controllers other than Agrónic Net II concentrators, such as automata PLC´s.


Different connection possibilities: direct cable (RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet), modem (conventional or GSM), radio modem, Wi-Fi, WiMax, GPRS, OPC links, etc.

Drawings and plans

Import drawings and plans for monitoring the community, being able to insert icons for better visualization.

Export data

Export to Microsoft Excel and Text files of all information related to the configuration, programming or operation of the system: invoicing data, consumption, sensor records.

Hydraulic diagram

Hydraulic diagram of the irrigation network, with all the visible elements and access to its programming and configuration in situ.


Graphics of sensors, tables of consultations and management of events, anomalies and alarms.

Enlace GPRS - Mensajes SMS

Management from mobile SMS and WAP and WEB access

External modules

The Agrónic Monocable module (EAM) and the Agrónic Radio module (EAR) are the modules in charge of transferring the information between the controller and the modules located in the hydrants and vice versa by means of a standard Modbus protocol.
Communication with the controller can be carried out by means of a cable connection to an RS485 bus or to an RS232 serial port, or by radio with a radiomodem antenna at a configurable transmission speed. Each concentrator can link up to 3 EARs and 4 EAMs simultaneously.

Agronic Monocable EAM + SAI
Communication bus with 2 wires cable that allows communication and power with field modules quickly and robustly up to 10Km long, in less than 2 minutes we have the information of all modules in the central station.

System composed by an Agrónic Monocable Link (EAM) to which can be connected up to 120 Agronic Monocable Modules (MAM) of different models for the control of electrovalves, and digital and analogical sensors.

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Agrónic Radio
Telecontrol system that works with radio frequency by free band 433 MHz, can reach a maximum distance of 2.8 km, depending on orography.

The system consists of an Agrónic Radio Link (EAR), with a capacity of up to 60 Agrónic Radio Modules (MAR).

Available models with Ni-Mh batteries and lithium batteries. In the case of batteries, solar panel will be necessary.

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The Agrónic Net II complies with the CE marking directives.

The products manufactured by Progrés enjoy a guarantee of two years against any manufacturing defect.

Compensation for direct and indirect damage caused by the use of the controller is excluded from the guarantee.

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