Do you know about Agrónic Web?

Agrónic Web

Do you know about Agrónic Web?

With this new tool you will be able to analyse the data of your installation, and manage the irrigation and fertilization of Agrónic controller.

 There’s no additional cost if you already use the Agrónic APP 

Now, you can manage your controllers registered for the Agrónic APP with Agrónic Web at no additional cost.
Just go to and enter your Agrónic APP credentials--it's that easy!



What’s new regarding to Agrónic APP?

Configuration of programs, sectors, sensors, fertilizers, filters, determining factors, etc.


Satellite map of the installation in which you can interact with sectors, controllers, external modules, and sensors. 


Pivot management: consultation, editing, and configuration.


    Consumption graphs by sector and sensor for the last 7 days, or unlimited if you have a professional account.

 Multi-user management: the user can create several sub-users to give them different permissions on all their controllers.

    Information on the status of communications and external modules.



Do you want to know more about the application?

See more information

Or maybe you want to try it?

Go to Agrónic Web 


Are you still not working with the Agrónic APP?
Download the steps to follow for using the Agrónic APP and Agrónic Web.




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