Irrigation by conditioning factors


Irrigation by conditioning factors

Do you want to perform efficient and accurate irrigation with Agrónic equipment?


The use of conditioning factors in irrigation programs, through the registration of climatic an agronomic conditions (soil and plant), will allow you to ajust the dose of irrigation and fertilization, to improve crop productivity and optimize resources.

“VRT”: Variable Rate Technology


The sensors can be of various types:

  • Digital physical sensors

  • Analog physical sensors

  • Calculated sensors (e.g. flow error, EC error)

  • Virtual sensors (information acquired from other sources)


Actions you can take with the determinants:

  • Conditional stop

  • Temporary Stop

  • Final stoppage

  • Start

  • Start/stop

  • Warning

  • Change of irrigation

  • Change of irrigation frequency

  • Change of fertilizer

  • Modification of EC



To use the conditions in the irrigation programs you will need to have the appropriate options in the programmers and install the corresponding sensors directly to the equipment or to external modules (radio/monocable).
We advise you to visualize the data, through tables and graphs, from the Agrónic PC program or from the Agrónic App.
Applicable in Agrónic 2500 Plus, Agrónic 4000, Agrónic 5500, Agrónic Bit and Agrónic 7000.
If you are interested in precision irrigation, contact us
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