Control of pivots

Control of pivots

Comprehensive control of several pivots and coverage, new for the Agrónic 2500

With the new pivot control option, you can:

  • Know the position ofthepivot by GPS

  • Sectorize the surface of the pivot by areas

  • Schedule by time or by pass

  • Adjust rainfall by area

  • Identify pivot alarms

  • Control physical goals for sector pivots

  • Define the irrigable area in circular pivots

  • Deactivate the gun and the eaves according to their position

  • Control diesel engines

  • Perform various manual actions such as start, stop, dry passes, etc.

  • Condition irrigation using climate, plant and soil sensors

  • Manage it remotely through the Agrónic PC or the Agrónic Web, also through SMS messages, and soon from the application Agrónic APP



Solution for Agrónic 2500 Version Plus

The equipment will need:

  • Control of pivots Option

  • GPRS or WiFi Link Option

  • Agrónic PC Program Option

  • AgroBee Link Option

  • AgroBeeGNSS module (one per pivot)


See full information of the Agrónic 2500.

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