New features of the Agrónic 2500

New features of the Agrónic 2500

Meet the most important features of the latest versions of the Agrónic 2500!


Backup copy: Make backup copies of the equipment to not lose the configuration of programs, etc.

Fertilizer cleaning: Upon completion of the fertilization, the equipment opens a valve to clean the fertilizers.

Solar irrigation: Controls direct solar or hybrid pumping conditioned by radiation sensors.

Pivots control: Control the start, stop, position, speed, etc. up to 4 pivots.

Expansion of up to 40 analog sensors: We expanded the capacity of 20 to 40 sensors.

Incorporation of sensors for AgroBee radio system: Aquacheck, GNSS, dendrometer, etc.


We continuously improve our products to have the latest features of the market, therefore we send you free updates for your equipment.


Do you know how to update the version of the equipment?
See the steps to follow in the following link



Important to make backup copies of your equipment
before upgrading to avoid losing data!



See full information of the Agrónic 2500.

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