Meet the smallest controller of the Agrónic family

Agrónic Smart

Meet the smallest controller of the Agrónic family


We’re launching a new product! The controller you’ve been asking for.


Agrónic Smart, the ideal irrigation controller for use on small land parcels and in gardens

Versatile, robust and user-friendly.

You won’t need to use garden controllers for agriculture anymore!


It doesn’t have a keyboard or screen and is programmed and configured using a phone app, with a wireless connection at up to 50 metres. 

As it offers a very high degree of protection against the elements, it does not require an auxiliary box.

Uses two long-lasting alkaline batteries.

The features of Agrónic Smart are above standard for gardening:


•    Up to 10 outputs

•    5 different schedules in the same program

•    Permits irrigation of more than one sector at once

•    Activation of a sector on different programs

•    Alternating sequence of sectors (in the Plus version)

•    Fertilizer control (in the Plus version)

•    Different fertilization time for each sector

•    Activation of a general output

•    Irrigation stop and start conditions

•    Irrigation, fertilizer or rain meter

•    Ability to view totals and flow

•    Configuration of water hammer


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