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Field Notebook


New module for Agronic Web.

Manage your agricultural activities and operational costs in a simpler way with the new Field Notebook module.

You’ll also cut down on time spent working, as this notebook is the only one on the market that automatically registers irrigation and fertilisation activities performed by a controller.


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Agricultural notebook linked to Agronic Web that facilitates preparation of the document required by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and assists you in managing your operations and tracking the data obtained, allowing you to work more efficiently season after season.


In order to utilise the field notebook, you must use Agronic Web or the Agronic APP.


Please view the webinar we host during Fruit Week for more information:



Plan tasks

Plan present and future tasks for workers and fully monitor task status.

Automatically register treatments

Create a fertilisation calendar so the Agronic's fertiliser use will be automatically registered in the notebook.

Track all of your costs

Manage your operation's product, machinery, personnel, and ancillary costs.


Supervisa los ingresos, costes y resultados económicos de tu explotación, compara entre campos o hectáreas para conocer mejor la productividad de tu finca.

Manage workers

Register individuals to report which workers are engaging in phytosanitary treatments and record their man-hours.

Manage machinery

Enter machinery to register phytosanitary product application equipment and analyse usage hours, costs, etc.

Coordinate tasks using the notebook mobile app

Using the mobile application, you’ll be able to view and record tasks more quickly from the field.

Official Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA) product list

You’ll have all official information regarding MAPA phytosanitary products at your disposal, which is constantly updated to allow you to take proper inventory.

Exporting the notebook

You’ll be able to automatically generate the printout required by the Ministry per the Spanish Royal Decree.

How does it work?

The initial steps to follow in creating a field notebook are as follows:

Farming operation

Explotación cuaderno de campo Progrés

Set up your farm and input all the information you can, so that once you export the notebook you’ll already have all the work done.

Land parcels

Parcelas Cuaderno de campo Progrés

Enter the data for all of your land parcels. You may select the assigned irrigation programmer in order to record irrigation and fertilisation costs for the land parcel in question.


Personas y trabajadores del Cuaderno de campo de Progrés

Add individuals, in order to register workers engaging in phytosanitary treatments (required by the Ministry), record their working hours and manage their tasks.


Maquinaria Cuaderno de campo de Progrés

As with individuals, add machinery to register phytosanitary product application equipment (required by the Ministry) and record hours and costs. 

Phytosanitary products

MAPA fitosanitarios Cuaderno de campo de Progrés

From the official MAPA phytosanitary product list, you may select the products you use most often as favourites, or create your own products.


Fertilizantes cuaderno de campo de Progrés

You may create fertilisers and determine their composition.


Tareas del Cuaderno de campo de Progrés

Tasks will assist you in identifying the type of activities to be performed by workers. There will be predefined tasks, and you may also create new ones. 


Costes del Cuaderno de campo de Progrés

In order for the system to begin to generate cost values, you’ll need to establish the prices of phytosanitary products and fertilisers, worker and machinery costs and all ancillary costs.

Fertilisation calendar

Calendario de fertilización del cuaderno de campo de Progrés

Create a fertilisation calendar to record the fertilisers in each tank in your facility and, through the automatic transfer of data from Agronic into your notebook, you’ll be able to record the use of each of your fertilisers and log automatic fertilisation tasks.


Campañas del Cuaderno de campo de Progrés

Create seasons to group together activities and fertilisation calendars during certain parts of the year.


actividades del calendario de fertilización de Progrés

After you've entered all information included in the settings, you're ready to begin creating and managing prior and future tasks and assigning them to workers.

Activities in mobile application

APP cuaderno de campo de Progrés

Workers can access the notebook mobile application from home or from the field and view the tasks scheduled for them.

Once they've finished working, they can record their hours worked, any special notes and the status of their tasks.

Computation of costs

visualización de costes del cuaderno de campo de Progrés

Once the tasks have been completed, the system will calculate and generate the associated costs.

Using this data, your financial adviser can then undertake a thorough analysis of your operating costs.

How to begin

Cuaderno de campo de Progrés
Cuaderno de campo de Progrés
Cuaderno de campo de Progrés
Access the notebook
Navigate to Agronic Web and select the “Field Notebook” tab



Please bear in mind that in order to utilise the field notebook you must use Agrónic Web or the Agrónic APP.

View steps to use the Agronic APP and Agronic Web

Activate trial period (2 months free)
Once you're in the Notebook, tick the box labelled “Activate trial period”.

You may use the field notebook on a free trial basis for 2 months and, not to worry, we’ll save all the information you enter during the trial period so that you can continue to utilise the tool without needing to re-enter your data.

Purchase module
Once the trial period has concluded, log in to your account at and purchase the field notebook module in the section titled "My modules".

NOTE: Purchase through  not yet available. In order to purchase the notebook, or add additional hectares, call us on 973 320 429

We hope you enjoy your Progrés field notebook.


Try the notebook free for 2 months!!

If following the trial period you’d like to continue to enjoy your field notebook, purchase the module and, don't worry, we’ll save all the information you've entered during the trial period.

Free 2 months in the “1-25 hectares” mode.  To add additional hectares or purchase the notebook, call us on 973 320 429. 



Between 1 and 25 hectares
50 /
Between 26 and 100 hectares
100 /
Between 101 and 500 hectares
300 /
501+ hectares
1000 /

Activate module

pestaña cuaderno


To start using the notebook, enter the Agrónic Web and select the "Field notebook" tab.

Download notebook APP

Download the notebook APP for Android mobiles and iPhone mobiles